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Aeroponics is a cutting edge growing technology also known as “soil less growing.”  Aeroponics is the only growing technology which allows growing without any grow medium.  Hydroponics allows for growing without soil but does require some sort of substitute grow medium (such as rock wool). 

Aeroponics gives a higher degree of control to the grower than any other technology.  The plants roots are suspended in a dark “grow chamber” protected from ultraviolet light.  In this protected environment the desired nutrient is sprayed, intermittently, directly upon the roots.  The temperature, concentration, and pH of the nutrient are easily controlled. 

Roots grown without medium can withstand concentrations of nutrient which would burn roots in a grow medium.  Unlike hydroponics, aeroponically grown plants do not have their roots continuously subjected to nutrient.  Consequently, plants grown in the aeroponic system are not prone to root rot and pathogens. 

Hydroponic systems rely upon air stones in the reservoir to oxygenate the nutrient.  A relatively ineffective methodology.  Aquarium hobbyists learned long ago the air stone emits bubbles much too large to effectively oxygenate the surrounding water. 

The fine mist generated by the aeroponic mister maintains a much higher oxygen level without an air stone.  Importantly, the grow chamber also is allowed to completely drain between cycles.  It is during this “dry cycle” that the roots are completely immersed in oxygen while in a dark, protected environment. 

The aeroponic system is a “closed loop” system which recycles the nutrient.  A very efficient, cost effective system indeed. 

 Plants freed from the pursuit of water, food, and oxygen (at optimum temperatures) grow at a remarkable rate.  Plants in the system can be grown much closer together.   Boosting production and maximizing resources, especially artificial light.