Nothing seems to stir up discussions more than talking about nutrient.  Some manufacturers make such grand claims urban legends are born.

I speak from a decade of personal experience growing aeroponically.

It is a myth that organic nutrient will plug your misters.  I have found exactly the opposite to be true.  Inorganic nutrient not only clogged my misters but it quickly left a "slag" of calcified nutrient in my reservoir.

Inorganic nutrient may be slightly less expensive to buy but more expensive to use.  It must be "dumped" from the system every 10 to 14 days.

The organic nutrient I prefer is Botanicare Pure Blend Pro by American Agritech.

If I am starting plants I use half of the Botanicare recipe until the plants have roots 3/4 to 1" long.  Then I add nutrient every few days until I have a full strength solution.

I don't change out my nutrient until after harvesting.  That's efficient nutrient use!  Just add nutrient with your make up water every few days to maintain the desired PPM.

If I am forcing plants to bloom out early as possible, say 10 to 14 days after roots appear I will use a "fruit & flower" blend right from the start.

If you start with a vegetative blend and only run it for 10 to 14 days on "babies" you have hardly altered it.  Pump it into containers for use in starting your next crop!

Remember, I am only addressing the use of nutrient in true aeroponic systems, not deep flow, NFT, or hydroponics.  In a true aeroponic system (where the roots are fully and completely drained of nutrient between cycles) you can run much higher nutrient concentrations.

On established plants I maintain 2,900 PPM (parts per million) at a pH of 5.5 to 6.0, which would fry the same plants in other types of systems.

As recommended by the helpful folks at American Agritech, I also use Liquid Karma and Cal Mag Plus with their nutrient for truly excellent results.

Another product I keep on hand is Clearex.  When growing really large plants for extended periods of time they may "taper off" on their nutrient uptake.

Pump out your nutrient into containers and mix a few gallons of Clearex to manufacturer's specification.  Add it to your reservoir and run your system continuously for about 1 hour.  Then pump out the Clearex and return your nutrient to the reservoir.

Your plants will absolutely jump in 4 to 5 days producing an abundance of fresh new roots and fully utilizing your nutrient again.  American Agritech does not compensate me in any way but they make a great product and I think it should be said.


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