Aeroponics in action.

Crops grown in Astrogrow Aeroponic systems









As you can see Basil profits enormously from Aeroponics.  These plants have been harvested weekly for over 4 months!

Grown under a TekLight T-5 from Sunlight Supply. Dispelling the myth you cannot grow under a fluorescent light.  The T-5 emits 40,000 lumens, more than a 400 watt metal halide but safe for use by grade school children.

The plants are under the care of students at the Mosier Community School (see the tab "Partners In Science") where they have also grown tomatoes, lettuce, and spinach.







The lettuce crop included ice berg, romaine, and bib.  It produced a sufficient supply to provide the cafeteria salad bar with fresh, organic lettuce daily for several months.

The seeds were started in Rapid Rooters then set into the aeroponic system when the roots were about 1" long.

They were covered with plastic cups for the first 3 days in the system to reduce shock.

Once the plants were of sufficient size the outer leafs were harvested daily.  With 18 hours of light per day they were induced to keep producing instead of going to seed.

Aeroponics is fun!