Aeroponics systems








Commercial Astrogrow  aeroponics system circa 1999

Growing plants indoors in containers is truly frustrating.  Just about the time a plant is of good size things tend to go poorly.  The fertilizer you have been using has done its job well...but now entering the bloom cycle the roots are calcified with those same nutrients.  Your applying  nutrient but the roots can't upload it.

Ever noticed the white build up around clay pots?  Those are the fertilizer salts calcifying on the pot.  When this happens to roots it blocks them from receiving nutrients.  The plants become weaker, and more susceptible to disease and insects.  The solution is state of the art aeroponics systems.

Aeroponics systems from Astrogrow suspend the plants roots in air and spray them with super oxygenated nutrient.  Nutrient uptake is maximized!  The plant can be grown to harvest in half the time.  The plant arrives at harvest before it can be root bound, weakened, and attacked by insects or disease.


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