Aeroponics Systems Specifications
by Astrogrow

31" wide            60" long

24" high            (4) tubes

18 gallon reservoir

(7)   2" net pots per tube

(2)  spray nozzles per site

Our aeroponics system is made from schedule 40 ABS pipe with an automotive finish.  Black on the inside to prevent algae growth and white on the outside to reflect light and prevent heat build up.  Structurally you can stand on our system, it will not "rack" like plastic channel.  It will last indefinitely, it will not crack and fail like channel exposed to UV light.  ABS is impervious to nutrients and system purges like bleach.

We provide top mounted nozzles, above the root zone in our aeroponics system.  Our nozzles do not become entangled or blocked by root and allow you to simply pull the whole "root rope" out in one piece at harvest.  There are 8 nozzles to 7 net pots.  In the unlikely event of a nozzle clogging, the pot is still serviced by another nozzle.  Many aeroponic systems have half as many, if a nozzle fails you loose 2 plants.  Of similar concern, nozzles submersed in the aeroponics grow chamber and on intermittent timers are much more likely to clog.

Aeroponics is about exposing the roots to nutrient and oxygen.  Astrogrow's tubular design provides excellent drainage, exposing the roots to oxygen in a dark environment during the 5 minute off cycle and super oxygenated nutrient during the 1 minute on cycle.

Our 2" net pots provide ample capacity and don't require a grow medium or the cleaning and maintenance of medium.  If you are cloning using EZ Clone or similar equipment you can place the clone into the Astrogrow  aeroponics system without medium, or clone your cuttings directly in the Astrogrow aeroponics system!  If you need to start in a medium (from seed) we recommend "Rapid Rooters" which are designed for 2" net pots and are inexpensive.  They do not affect PH, are organic and disposable.

A quality recycle timer is extremely important.  Establish a one minute on five minute off cycle for cloning.  These are specialty timers and we recommend one which is adjustable.  As the roots spread down the aeroponics grow chamber you can extend the off cycle to 10-15 minutes which will help reduce pump generated heat in the reservoir.

Much like the reef tank aquarium technology there are basics you must have to be successful.  Astrogrow's TM aeroponics system is not a hobby toy or novelty, it is a scaled down commercial system built to last.


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