Astrogrow TM aeroponics system is the product of many years of development, representing state of the art aeroponics.  Once available only as a custom built, now available factory direct at factory direct savings!  It is a freestanding aeroponics system suitable for indoor or greenhouse use.

You get:

Aeroponics is the most productive system, surpassing hydroponics in technology and results.  Our complete aeroponics system assures your success!  Even the pump and spray nozzles are matched for pressure and volume.  Don't purchase a "tiered aeroponics systems" if you are growing anything other than lettuce, or expensive systems with small drain spouts to clog with even modest root growth.   

The Astrogrow TM aeroponics system is built to do the work, so you don't have to.  Novice or expert. this aeroponics system will amaze you!

Why grow with medium?

The cutting on the left was placed into the Astrogrow aeroponics system the same day as a seed was placed into the Rapid Rooter on the right.  After 8 days the cutting has established a very healthy set of roots and is growing aggressively.

The plant on the right has sprouted, however, it has no visible roots and still is vulnerable to environmental hazards.


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